Yesteray, 18th of septembre, a double round was played in the World Youth Chess Championship in Montevideo, Uruguay. The event follows its due course and we have plenty of fight in every game.

Until this moment many of the favorites have demonstrated their condition. However, there have also been a few surprises, mainly in the upper categories (under 18 for example, where many games have already been drawn). This makes it difficult for us to see clear candidates to grab the title, yet.

In the under-18, the only leader is argentinian IM Pablo Acosta, who has scored 100% of the points, followed by 9 players who have got half a point less, among whom is 2nd favorite, IM Alexandr Triapishko.

In the female under-18, in the top of the table is WIM Sakshi Chitlange, from India, with 3 puntos, trailed by half a point by 7 players.

In the open under-16, the main favorite, russian FM Andrey Esipenko (2540) keeps his winning strike, but shares the lead with FM Artem Karpenko (también de Rusia) , FM Guha Mitrabha (India) and George Stoleriu (Rumania).

In the female under-16, the two favorites (both from Russian), WIM Polina Shuvalova y Aleksandra Maltsevskaya have won the first three games, same as FM Gabriela Antova, WIM Annie Wang, and Morris-Suzuki Sophie (the last two from the USA).

In the open under-14, after the three first rounds the ones who are on top are Daniel Kopylov from Germany, Alexander Costello from the USA, and FM’s Batsuren Dambasuren from Mongolia and Dominik Horvath from Austria.

In the female under-14, five players share the first place: WFM Jishitha D (India), WCM Jyothsna L (India), FM Salimova Nurgyul (Bulgaria), WCM Mrudul Dehankar (India) y WFM Nurgali Nazerke (Kazakhstan).

The event continues today at 3 pm (-3 GMT) Montevideo hour, with round 4.

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